Monday, April 12, 2010

Sneezing: A Convulsive Expulsion of Air from the Lungs Through the Nose and Mouth

This morning on Good Day New York (my favorite show to turn on in the morning while getting ready and making lunch for the fella and myself, not because of the news, but because Rosanna Scotto and Greg Kelly are so unprofessional), Rosanna Scotto informed me that we here in New York City are set to experience the worst allergy season in decades. Ugh...just great!

I didn't have many problems with allergies back in the very flat, often windy, farmland from which I hail. That I have them now, in this concrete jungle, is baffling, but that's neither here nor there. Last week, the fun started with itchy eyes, then progressed to my favorite part: nose troubles. While my keen ability to become seriously grossed out by almost anything keeps me from using anything but tissue to stop the deluge, I've always loved the idea of a handkerchief. Perhaps it's my penchant for fashion accessories that have fallen by the wayside, or maybe it's just that they're pretty pieces of cloth. Beginning with my favorite, the most NERDY handkerchief ever, that made me gasp and say "YES!" when I saw it:

Carl Sagan Handkerchief, by MaryElise at Etsy

Sneezy Sheets by The Honey Press at Etsy

Lovely Handkerchief by cottageinds at Etsy

by MiniatureRhino at Etsy

Sneezy Sheets by The Honey Press at Etsy

Come to think of it...I might buy the Sagan just to frame...