Monday, March 22, 2010

Ms. Jean Seberg

When I decided to start this blog, I made the choice that I would try to remain mostly anonymous. Don't get me wrong: I greatly enjoy fashion / design blogs where the bloggers post photos of their outfits and their lives. It's fascinating to peek into someone else's world, especially when its full of creativity. But, I'm going to leave that to those who do it so well and just gush about things I love instead. In this context, my identity is irrelevant. And so my moniker is a tribute to my favorite style icon: Jean Seberg.

About six years ago, I was first introduced to the film A Bout de Souffle (Breathless) directed by Jean-Luc Godard. At that time, having lived in a quite uncultured place my whole life, I was not that interested in foreign films. "I don't want to have to read the whole time!" I protested. "Trust'll love this..." my movie partner insisted.

From the first moment Jean Seberg (as Patricia Franchini) appeared on the screen, I already loved the film. Not so much because I found myself intrigued by the French New Wave, but because I could not take my eyes off of this Jean Seberg character! I couldn't believe that I had never heard of this actress. I'm not a film critic, so I can't speak to her acting talent, but she was most definitely a mesmerizing person to watch onscreen.

Six years later, I realize that I've gleaned a lot of my personal style from Jean: simple pieces, and stripes. Lots and lots of stripes. Mmm...stripes!

Unfortunately, Seberg's life was rife with problems. She suffered through failed marriages, the death of an infant, being chased by the FBI (seriously), and an addiction to prescription drugs and alcohol. She killed herself in 1979, at the age of 40, leaving behind a note that read, "Forgive me, I can no longer live with my nerves." I wish she were still would be nice to know where her career would have gone, and how her style would have changed. For now, I will just have to honor her influence with this silly blog.

Yours truly,
Ms. Seberg


  1. what a doll jean is! and thanks for your sweet comment :) keep posting, i'm following!


  3. Chelsea, I used her as inspiration for a cut a few years ago and though it wasn't the same, it was pretty hip! I think you could rock the shit out of it!

  4. wow, she's so gorgeous. Not everyone can make such short hair look so amazing.

    Btw, thanks for the super sweet comment on my blog. :) I <3333 molten chocolate cake!

  5. those are beautiful pictures! looks like you're going to have a nice blog :)

  6. GORGEOUS!! and her hair is just so super!!!

  7. Just seen your blog today & notice that you haven´t posted anything in a long time. Have you stopped blogging! Start again!

  8. Your blog is exactly what blogging should be. It's fun, and it's personal because it reflects on things that matter to you in a conversational way. It's a great find because I just cut off hair (dreads) that were done to my waist in favor of a bit more freedom with less maintenance. I love that moment in Breathless where she is in the mirror doing her morning groom and trimming the edges. She is a bit of a reminder that life isn't perfect just because you are rich and famous. There's so much more.


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