Monday, March 29, 2010

Call Me. I Mean, Don't.

My new friend over at Quindome Eats Cake posted some images by Anna Bond of Rifle Paper Co. As I told Quindome, I'd never seen anything by Mrs. Bond, before, and I love her stuff. I especially favor the Floral Heart Print, which is a great steal at $24.00 for an 8x10 print, and will look so great in an old frame, hanging in the entryway. I think I've found my first decorative piece for my new place!

Though they're out of my price range for the moment, I've wanted calling cards for years, and these little cuties with custom portraits are simple and perfect.

The calling card dream isn't dead, though, because they also have a more economical option that also caught my eye.

I'm not really even sure why I want calling cards, to be honest. I certainly wouldn't have my number on them; I'm notoriously awful at answering my phone and returning calls. Mostly because I loathe speaking on the telephone. It's just very unpleasant to me, for some reason. It makes me nervous. Which is, admittedly, weird. It would basically be a card with my name and e-mail address, which seems sort of useless, especially since I rarely have the occasion to meet new people to whom I'd give this card.'s so classy!

What do you guys think?


  1. They are so lovely!; tel can always have an answering service no?

  2. I love calling cards - you'll be an Edith Wharton heroine xx

  3. Ms. Seberg,

    I too have longed for a calling card! Imagine how lovely it would be to have a non-work related card to drop in little fish bowl giveaways!

  4. Lenore, an answering service is a very good idea. Or maybe a surrogate, like on Arrested Development. That's REALLY what I want in my life.

  5. Fashion: Yes! I would love to be an Edith Wharton heroine! But...maybe not Mattie from Ethan Frome. De-pressing.

  6. I love that idea, Quindome. They would be like, "Oooh, I'll pick that one!" and we'd win all of the prizes all of the time!

  7. There's so many beautiful things from Rifle, anything from her would be great.
    I'm sure with those cards, you'd find an excuse to hand them out!

  8. I had my calling cards printed in Venice by a little chubby guy in a tiny shop who used to be a monk. He did not speak a word of English but we got the job done. I just had an image and my name printed which was the best decision I ever made as my phone number and email address have changed many times.
    You simply hand write the info you want to share on the back which actually personalizes your card.
    OK. self promotion as you asked...I am giving away a signed print of one of my fashion illustrations that appeared in Mirabella to promote an Etsy shop I have not had time to set up yet, go to...

  9. I've pinning after Rifle Paper Co. for a while. Everything she creates is wonderful.

    Oh! and what do I miss about California? People. People. People. and the weather.

  10. these cards are really great!
    hope youre having a nice easter!

    ps heres the shameless self promotion:


  11. I love these. As an actor, I've been asked for my business card many times and always feel awkward in admitting to not having one. I already have a classic vintage card case for them so it's time I got myself some. Love the name of your blog!

  12. haha thanks for the great comment! yeah i agree, her songs are a bit overplayed, but i just find her quite annoying as a whole?
    hope youre having a nice day :)

  13. Those calling cards are just precious!


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